"When Pam was running around looking for information about the jail, I told her to go see Dale Johnson - he would know something about the history," Cameron said. " When Pam went to see him, he just laughed and said he could remember some things about the jail, but the best person to ask was Cameron because his dad and dad's cousin where the first two to spend time in that jail!"

Old cabin, jail bring history to land
Ten Sleep was an American Indian rest stop, so called because it was 10 days' travel, or “10 sleeps,” from Fort Laramie (southeast), Yellowstone National Park(west-northwest), and the Indian Agency on the Stillwater River in Montana (northwest). There are numerous archeological sites throughout the area, with frequent discoveries of artifacts such as arrowheads, pictographs and petroglyphs.

Ten Sleep was also the site of the Spring Creek Raid, one of the last feuds of the West's Sheep and Cattlemen's War. It was there in March, 1909 that cattlemen attacked sheep herders and their flock, killing three men and shooting hundreds of the sheep. Caught and convicted, this was the end of major conflict, although it was many years before the two livestock growers' groups resolved their differences.